Project 1 — Portfolio

Make your own portfolio using entirely HTML, CSS, and any JavaScript you know. It should show your work, your biography, and the work for this class. You can add to it over time. By the end of this class, it should feel complete. Extra credit: mobile compatibility.

Project 2 — Organism

Make an organism using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Think weird bugs, animals, and amoeba with feeding habits and environments. Also flowers, plants, trees. What is it like? Does it breathe? Does it look different in the dark? Does it respond to any other inputs (a specific time, a hover, a click, or something user-based, etc.)? Also, give it a habitat. What is its environment like?

Please use any helpful visual JavaScript libraries (such as jQuery or p5.js) to your benefit. Extra credit if your organism responds to some place-specific weather data.


Project 3 — Dream Device

In groups of three, create a device together using Arduino. It should take an input and display some output. Be imaginative. If you could create any dream device, what would it do? Once you've created your device, spend the last week creating a video in your group that shows what your device does.